Poblano Chicken

18 Sep

Poblano Chicken

One of my favorite quick weeknight meals shortcuts involves getting one of those rotisserie chickens from the supermarket.  I usually shred it up and use it as my protein in a couple of recipes I keep on hand, such as these Lighter Chicken Enchiladas or toss it in an Asian noodle stir fry.  We probably go through about one of these per week, so it never really occurred to me to make our own whole chicken, because it was so quick and easy to get our hands on one.  I have this weird thing (okay, Chris thinks I have a lot of weird things about me), but I just can’t make myself take out the innards of the raw chickens.  I just can’t do it.  Trust me, I have tried and failed, leaving a whole raw chicken in our sink for Chris to find, with me retching in a corner (I was also pregnant, so it totally could have been that too…..right….).  But with Chris cleaning the chicken, taking out the “gross sack” (my words, not his) and prepping it, our own homemade version came out even better and juicier than the store-bought kind.  And due to our abundance of peppers this season (we were just told we have another package on the way!), we decided to put some to use and came up with this recipe.

Poblano Chicken

1 whole chicken, butterflied

1/2 stick butter, softened

1 poblano, roasted and chopped

2 Tablespoons

kosher salt

2 raw garlic cloves, minced

1 Tablespoon fresh lemon thyme, chopped

Brush olive oil on poblanos

Grill/broil peppers on high, until peppers char on all sides; remove from grill to cool

Remove the pepper stems and peel the skin off; slice in half to de-seed and chop finely

Combine butter, chopped poblano, garlic and thyme

Poblano butter

Liberally salt the outside of the chicken

Using your hands rub the butter underneath the skin; rub remaining butter on top and underneath the cavity

Heat grill to high; place chicken skin side down on grill and cook for 10 minutes to brown; flip chicken, close grill cover and set heat to medium, cook until a meat thermometer reads 160 degrees, about 40 minutes

Remove chicken from grill and allow to rest at least five minutes


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