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Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

13 Jan

Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

I had an unhealthy obsession with ramen noodles growing up.  If I had it my way, I would eat it every single night.  My parents pleaded with me to add more variety to my diet, but there was just something about that salty bowl of ramen noodles that I just couldn’t kick.  When college rolled around, my tiny bank account was a perfect “excuse” to keep my bad habit going (or at least that is what I told myself, as my sodium levels were off the chart).  Then I grew up and realized that there was more to food outside of that 25 cent, neon orange package.  Nevermind the fact that I would probably die from salt overload if I ate it now; I really just know better at this point in my life (and helllooo real ramen joints in NYC, like Momofuku Noodle Bar). I do, however, miss the fact that it took about 3 minutes to make a bowl of ramen, I especially feel that way on a busy Monday night in a household with two working parents and a hyper 3 1/2 year old.  So this is a nod to those “delicious” bowls of ramen, with a couple of hacks that make it a little more gourmet, a whole lot more delicious and just as easy. Continue reading


Southwest Turkey Soup

10 Dec

Mexican Turkey Soup

So I have been seriously sidelined about five times trying to write this post. I blame a turkey hangover.  I also blame reruns of Chopped.  And for good measure, I’ll throw in my three year-old who has been boycotting bedtime lately. This was originally made as our first meal home from a Thanksgiving spent in Maryland with some lovely family.  This was part of our bounty of leftovers that crossed state lines and made it back in our fridge.  Amongst the sweet potatoes, sausage stuffing and veggies, there was turkey. In many forms.  Okay, not many (just two): Chris’ homemade thanksgiving turkey sausage and the grilled one that was the centerpiece of our meal.  Just barely beyond the point of never wanting to see turkey again, Chris gave it life one more time in the form of a soup that was perfect on the chilly night we drove home (remind me why I moved from sunny San Diego again…).  This would also work well with some shredded rotisserie chicken or any type of cooked, chopped sausage (which we threw in at the end too). Continue reading

Good Ol’ Fashioned Pot Roast

22 Nov

Pot Roast

I totally get eating healthy.  I understand that vegetables and fruits should be the bulk of our diets.  I get it.  Quinoa?  After actually learning how to pronounce it, I got right on board with it.  Kale?  Definitely the Britney Spears at-her-peak of the leafy greens world.  Throw enough garlic on it and sure, I’ll eat it.  However, sometimes I just want some meat.  Like, a lot of meat.

I discovered I actually liked pot roast a couple of years ago.  And for that, I apologize to my mom, who definitely made it many times when I was younger (and I obviously did not eat it…sorry).  Both Chris and I like to try different cooking techniques and like to experiment with flavors, but sometimes a good old-fashioned standby like a pot roast is so comforting and fulfilling.  So for this recipe, I channeled my inner June Cleaver, threw on a strand of pearls and got to cooking. Continue reading

Grilled Eggplant and Meatball Stacks

2 Aug

Grilled Eggplant Stack

I am on a roll this week*.  Forgetting things like it’s my job.  I am one of “those” people who menu plans for the weeks ahead and grocery shops accordingly.  I have absolutely no desire to spend more time than necessary in a grocery store, so I try to buy what I need for two weeks in one trip (while supplementing vegetables from the farmer’s market in between).

If you know me, you know that I am a list person.  No doubt about it.  I even write on my to-do lists that I need to write another list.  I am not that spontaneous (hence the two-week meal planning), so meal spontaneity is not on my radar.  At all.  So imagine my shock when I went to the grocery store with zucchini on my list and they were out.  Of zucchini!!  So crazy.  I almost had a panic attack because I was faced with the idea of changing my meal idea on the spot.  Like I said, totally not spontaneous.  But I apparently had a moment of clarity and saw the eggplants in the distance, calling my name (well, not really, that would be very freaky.  Like that episode of The Cosby Show when Cliff starts hallucinating that the contents of his fridge were talking to him.  Apparently he was having a bad PCP trip or something.).  So in a very un-Sarah moment, I quickly brainstormed and came up with this meal idea and thank goodness, they turned out to be delicious.

*Quick story: My aunt told me she was dancing at a wedding and her friend came up to her and said “You’re on a roll!”.  Thinking she was talking about her dancing, she said “Thanks, I love this song.” And her friend said “No, really, you are stepping on a kaiser roll.”  True story. Continue reading

Peach Pancakes with Raspberry Syrup

7 Jun

Peach Pancakes

I am going to be the first to admit that I am a cake snob. It’s a given that between my mom, my godmother and myself, the words “boxed cake mix” are never uttered from our lips. Or used in our kitchens. HOWEVER, boxed pancake mix? Sure thing! Pancakes in a hot second?! Sign me up. Oh, you even come in a yellow, plastic container so that I don’t have to use a bowl?! Um yes. Especially on Sunday mornings when I can barely roll myself out of bed, let alone feed human beings.

Then I decided to make pancakes from scratch one day and my world was rocked (like I have said before, not too hard to do). They were so much better. With all the summer fruit coming out, we wanted to take advantage of it and came up with this flavor combination.

*On a side note, I am also a maple syrup snob. I actually bring my own syrup with me to diners (don’t judge.). Continue reading

Why hello there….

1 Feb

So here we go. (Isn’t that the best first line of a blog introduction you have ever read?!)

My husband Chris and I love food. We love writing. We love gratuitous photos of food. So that plus that and that=a food blog.

Okay, so math is neither of our strong suits (Communication Majors hollllaaaaa!), but let me just tell you that we love to eat. Love to cook. Love to hang out with each other. I also love puns, nutella and talking like a Valley Girl from a bad 90’s movie. And large groups of teenagers make me nervous. Chris loves yelling at his sports teams, pork and good beer.

But I digress. Chris is the brains behind our cooking (which means we might be in trouble since he spent ages 5-18 in detention for not doing his homework), but thank goodness that taste trumps grades in the food world.

Just to give you a quick idea of how we operate as a couple, on our European honeymoon, we ate at every restaurant we could find and visited two museums. Two. Out of the whole two weeks we were there. The Chocolate Museum and the Museo de Jamon (Museum of Ham if you can’t figure that one out). That is us in a nutshell. Obsessed. We are home cooks who love to prepare delicious food for our little family (which includes a very sassy 2 ½ year old). So hold on tight and enjoy our fun/pun-filled culinary adventures.


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