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Grilled Cheese Buffet

26 Apr

Grilled Cheese

So back in the day (pre-toddler/pre-7 a.m. weekend wake-up calls/a.k.a: a looooong time ago), my “Girl’s Night Out” involved loud music, copious amounts of alcohol, dancing (me:not very well) and a rough time waking up the next morning. Currently, “Girl’s Night Out” isn’t actually “out” at all. My friends and I now like to have grown-up sleepovers (no sorority pillow fights; sorry boys), which still includes copious amounts of alcohol and our favorite thing: Food. We have a yearly tradition of drunkenly decorating gingerbread people (complete with guido tanks, bras, you know, totally gingerbread-appropriate attire). And now I think I have created a new tradition that is beyond amazing: Grilled Cheese Buffet.

Oh yeah. I said it. We did it. We freaking loved it.

I rolled out craft paper on our dining room table (which is one of my favorite party food set-up tips) and used a sharpie to write out all of the possible add-ins. This allowed everyone to create their sandwiches to their own tastes and also made the experience interactive, which I adore doing when it comes to entertaining. I have been known to have a party game or two in my time (Pin the ‘stache on Chris anyone?).

We also cooked these in the oven, versus a pan, therefore making it possible to cook multiple grilled cheese sandwiches at a time (8 to be exact). And they came out amazing; crunchy and bubbly as if they were done on a griddle.  This is a really fun thing to do for a dinner party or you know, a Tuesday night.  Because they are that good. Continue reading


Monday Leftovers: Pulled Pork Roasted Pineapple Pizza

22 Apr

Pulled Pork Roasted Pineapple Pizza

The weather is getting more and more beautiful every day here in New York.  The fact that we can now exit our caves for the season means a lot more is going on = not as much time home = not as much time to cook = EATING OUT!  One of the great things about moving into a new town is you are able to go out and explore the culinary frontier.  Chris, Ella and I just discovered a bbq joint a couple towns over that served something called the “pignic” and if you know our family, you know we had to order it.  (Warning for vegetarians, you won’t be interested beyond this point): The plate was piled high with so much meat, that it easily could have fed a family of 8 (rather than the three of us).  So needless to say, we had leftovers for.ev.er.  With so much pork in our fridge, a fresh pineapple on our counter and our love for pizza, we decided to make a Pulled Pork Roasted Pineapple Pizza.  It was the best.  For real.  What can I say, I’m a sucker for our pizzas. Continue reading

Balsamic Fettucine with Fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes

22 Mar

Balsamic Fettucine with Fresh Mozzarella and Tomatoes

So we bought a house.  And I want to shoot myself.  Just kidding.  Sort of.  That’s extreme. I tend to be a bit dramatic.  BUT, I definitely want to drop kick the millions of paint cans that are littering our new house. On purpose (because I have definitely done it on accident). But not really because paint is crazy expensive (I am in the wrong line of work.  I should be a paint inventor.  If that is such a thing.).

We watch massive amounts of HGTV in our house, so we thought we were mentally prepared for the home buying/moving-in process.  I woefully underestimated our preparedness.  Zombie apocolypse?  Sure, we got it.  Crazy toddler who had to go to the emergency room because she was dancing too hard to Britney Spears?  Yep, no problem. Buying/moving/painting/all that crap?  Nope.  Not at all. Not even close.

Every so often in the last week or so, I have literally closed my eyes and wished that a Candadian house-prepper would show up at our door (side note- Why is everyone on HGTV Candadian?  I’m not hating, but they breed home renovators like WHOA over there). So needless to say, cooking has been a little low on our priority list (far below the wood rot, carpenter ants, freak snowstorm at the end of March, dog sitting on a paint can…..all that jazz).

This dish has been a lifesaver that we have made with….ahem, quite a lot of frequency lately (oh, like maybe once a week).

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