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Rosemary Garlic Potato Pizza

12 Apr

Rosemary Garlic Potato Pizza

So it’s Friday and what that means in New York is PIZZA NIGHT!!!! If you aren’t from New York, maybe it’s Friday night=Chimichangas, or Friday night=Brussel Sprouts (which in that case, you might not be excited for Fridays.  Unless they are fried and covered in garlic.) Or in one of my friend’s case Friday night=drunk cleaning.  Totally awesome. 

Apparently it is a unspoken rule over on the Eastern seaboard that on Fridays you are eating pizza.  Forget if you ate it for lunch that day, or the night before, because you are also eating it for dinner that night…….and most likely during the weekend as well.  As it has been well-documented (on this blog. And out of my mouth. Quite a few times.), our family loves pizza.  Chris loves it so much that he actually took a class at the Institute of Culinary Education to find out how to make a better pizza dough.  Like I said….love.

This recipe taps into my Irish heritage with the use of potatoes and drunk, red-faced, high-tempered people.  Forget about that last part…it’s really just about the potatoes.  And the garlic.  So really, it’s about melding both of my heritages (also Italian over here….olive oil and Guiness running through these veins!) into the most delicious thing for your pizza night at home. Continue reading


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